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does your project involve laser cutting?

With our 4 Mazak Lasers, Artisan Forge MetalWorks is one of the largest laser-cutting shops in the Chippewa Valley area. Our newest Mazak OPTI PLEX-FIBER 3015-6000-watt laser system uses the latest fiber optic laser technology to deliver custom and complex intricate geometric designs that are unique to any part cutting project. Our systems hold tight tolerances to produce precise and consistent parts cleanly – with nearly burr-free cuts. Within our laser cutting arsenal we have the equipment and skill set to handle a small scale job or a large, multiple-part production. Our automated load and unload system allows us to produce parts quickly and economically whether it’s carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel or copper.

Quickly producing quality and accurate products while offering a high level of customer service is what sets Artisan Forge MetalWorks apart. We strive to be a cut above the rest.

materials available:
  • Carbon Steel up to 1” thick material
  • Stainless Steel up to ¾” thick material
  • Aluminum up to 5/8” thick material
  • Copper
sheet size:
  • 60” x 120”
  • Mazak OPTIPLEX-FIBER 3015 - 6000-watt laser system
  • Mazak Mark II-510 4.0KW CO2 Automated dual Laser cutting cell
  • Mazak Turbo-X48 1.5KW CO2 Laser
Mazak Optiplex Fiber 6000 watt laser

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